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1-Chemistry (Chemical Reactions)
2- Physics (Optics)
3- Biology (Cell Biology)
4- Earth and Space Science (Climate Change)

SNC 2DI Marks

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Critical Marks

Noncritical Marks

Investigating Science 10

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Last Updated: Wednesday December 17, 2014

Current Unit: Cell Biology

Noncritical Labs/Assignments due:  (i)


Critical Labs: (i) pH Lab (/40)- now overdue!

                      (ii) Optical Bench lab (/40)- now overdue!

                     (iii) Climate Change Poster (/40)- now overdue!

Critical Assignments: (i) Chemistry- Metals in Solutions Assignment (/40)- now overdue

                                            (ii)  Optics Mirror Assignment (/40)- now overdue

                                  (iii) Cell Biology Internet Activity (/40)- due first Friday in January

Unit Midterm:  Climate Change Midterm- Done


Final Examination: late January

Next Unit: Biology

 Wrigley's Corner

Climate Change Field Trip

Monday November 24, 2014

(depart FHCI: 11:30 am/ return to FHCI: 2:30 pm)

Bring in your Permission Forms ASAP!!!

 Simple Experiments with Steve Spangler

 Steve Spangler Website

(Click here)

 Chemistry: Chemical Reactions

 Chemical Bonding Tutorials

Chemical Reactions of Metals in Solutions Lab

Click here 

 Chemistry Jeopardy Review Game

Click Below

Chemistry Jeopardy 2011.ppt Chemistry Jeopardy 2011.ppt
Size : 2036 Kb
Type : ppt

 Physics: Optics

Bill Nye the Science Guy

Light and Colour Video 

Physics Review Questions 


Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

 Optics Calculations


Optics Video Support

Physics/Optics Exam Review 

Click Below

Geometric_Optics_Review.pdf Geometric_Optics_Review.pdf
Size : 48.747 Kb
Type : pdf

 Optics Jeopardy Review Game

Click Below

Optics Jeopardy.ppt Optics Jeopardy.ppt
Size : 3591 Kb
Type : ppt

 Cell Biology

 Drawing Cells Activity

(Click Below)

More Cells.pdf More Cells.pdf
Size : 4549.089 Kb
Type : pdf

Animal Cell Organelles

Plant Cell Organelles

 Mitosis Video Summaries

(Friday December 12th, 2014)

 The Island Video Assignment

Click for Trailer

Biology Exam Review

Click Below 

bio review.pdf bio review.pdf
Size : 256.258 Kb
Type : pdf

Optics Answers

Mirror_math_answers.pdf Mirror_math_answers.pdf
Size : 1840.295 Kb
Type : pdf
lens_math_ans.pdf lens_math_ans.pdf
Size : 97.01 Kb
Type : pdf
snell_math_ans.pdf snell_math_ans.pdf
Size : 430.51 Kb
Type : pdf

 Optics- Ray Diagrams

 Microviewer Lab Assignment

Click below

 Virtual Cell Interactive

 Virtual Cell Interactive

(Click below)

 Spongelab Interactive Lab

 Build A Cell- Interactive

(Click below)

Onion Root Tip Online Assignment 

(Click on the icon below)

 Parts of a Microscope

Go to page 17

Click Here

 Earthworm Lab Instructions

Click Below

EarthwormDissection_001.ppt EarthwormDissection_001.ppt
Size : 1446 Kb
Type : ppt

 Youtube Earthworm Dissection Tutorial

Click here

 Biology Jeopardy Review Game

Click Below

Bio Jeopardy.ppt Bio Jeopardy.ppt
Size : 3896 Kb
Type : ppt

 Climate Change

 Natural vs Human Enhanced Greenhouse Effect

 Global Warming Statistical Evidence

Climate Change Review

Jeopardy Game

Click Below 

Climate Change Jeopardy 2013.ppt Climate Change Jeopardy 2013.ppt
Size : 4456 Kb
Type : ppt
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