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 Critical Marks

Last Updated: Sunday November 9, 2014

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Physical Activity- 35%

Active Living- 40%

Healthy Living- 15%

Living Skills- 10%

Grade 10 Units

1. Fitness Profile I/ Outdoor Games (Sept 2-12)

2. Indoor Games (Sept15-26)

3. Outdoor Games (Sept 29- Oct 10)

4. Health A- Musculoskeletal Fitness (Oct 14-24)

5. Games of Low Organization (Oct 27- Nov 6)

6. Indoor Games (ie., Basketball/Volleyball) (Nov 10- 21)

7. Health B- Cardiovascular Fitness (Nov 24- Dec 5)

8. Final Fitness Profile II Evaluation (Dec 8-19)

9. Floorhockey and Indoor Games (Jan 5-16)

10. Fun and Games (Jan 19-22)

 Health A- Fundamentals of Fitness

 7 Rules of Building Muscle Activity

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 Pumping Iron Video Activity

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 Weight Training

Jeopardy Game

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Components of Fitness

1. Muskoloskeletal

2. Cardiovascular

3. Nutritional

4. Psychological 

 Fitness Video Programs

 Insanity Program

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 P90X Program

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 Fitness Blender Tabita

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Health B- Cardiovascular and Nutritional Fitness

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Musculoskeletal Fitness 

Nutritional Fitness 

Fitness Profile Poster 

 Free Nutritional Counter

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Cardiovascular Fitness

 Psychological Fitness

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