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Updated: June , 2015

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 Unit One: Chemistry

Unit Two: Electricity

Unit Three: Ecology

Unit Four: Astronomy

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 Attention Parents:

In the next week, I will be sending home Markbook progress reports which will help to give you a snapshot of your child's academic progress to this point in the term for SNC 1DI. The hilited aspects on the sheet are critical assignments and labs which must be handed in before the final exam in order for your child to receive the credit for this course. Please do not hesitate to contact me by clicking on the Contact Me tab above if you require any additional clarification.

 Homework (Last updated: March 4, 2015)

Last Updated: June 1, 2015


1. Rotocoptor Lab (Noncritical /20)

2. Chemical Physical Change Lab (Critical /40)

3. Ohmzone Interactive Circuit Lab (Critical /40)

4. Wolfquest Ecology Lab (Critical /40)


1. Super Heroes Brochure Assignment (Critical /40)

2. Static Electricity Research Assignment (Critical /40)

3. Wrigley's Corner Aquatic Ecology Assignment (Critical /40)


1. Chemistry Midterm

2. Electricity Midterm 

3. Ecology Midterm

Final Examination:

Wednesday June 17, 2015

8:30 am


 Bill Nye the Science Guy,


 Bill Nye

Chemical Reactions Video

 Elements Superhero Critical Assignment

 History of the Atom Review Video


 Density Problems Review Video

 Chemical Jeopardy Test Review

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(Click here)

 Web Earth Online

(Try the preview below)

Web Earth Online Game

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SNC 1DI Wrigley's Corner

Field Trip

Monday morning April 13, 2015

Bus departs FHCI:  8:15 am

Returns: 11:30 am

Wrigleys Corner Lab Resources

Aquatic Pond Organism Key.jpg Aquatic Pond Organism Key.jpg
Size : 3912.035 Kb
Type : jpg
OEE Aquatic invertebrate Key_back_2010.pdf OEE Aquatic invertebrate Key_back_2010.pdf
Size : 1228.068 Kb
Type : pdf

 Bill Nye, Food Webs

Click Below

Ecological Footprint


Click Here

Ecosystems Interactions


Click Here

Human Impacts on EcosystemsPowerpoint

Click Here

 Energy and Food Web Assignment

Click Here

 Ecology Video Assignment

(Click trailer below)

Wolf Quest Ecology Game

Click here

Ecology Jeopardy

(Click here)

 Bill Nye Static Electricity Video

 Bill Nye, Current Electricity Video

 Bill Nye- Current Electricity Assignment

PHET Interactive Circuit Boards 

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Interactive Circuit Board Program

(Click above)

 Electrical Jeopardy

Review Game

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ElectricityJeopardy3.ppt ElectricityJeopardy3.ppt
Size : 1373.5 Kb
Type : ppt

 Apollo 13 Video Assignment

(Click above for trailer)

Electrical Jeopardy

(Click Here)

Exam Review

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