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 Exercise Science Homework and Deadlines

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Current UnitNervous System 

Next Quiz: Energy and Nervous Systems

Next Unit: Skeletal 

Profiles:  #1- (10 %)- Done!

               #2-(10 %)- End of November

Pick any different two profiles of the following:


2- Game


4- Video

Independent Study (ISU):

(i) Web Search: (/5)- First week of September

(ii) Topic Declaration:

(iii) Sutopics and Thesis Precis: (/5):

(iv) Introduction Hard Copy (/5):

(v) ISU Conference (/5):

(vi) Digital Folders Rough Copy (/10): First week in January

(vi) Presentation (/25): Second Week in January

(viii) Final Draft (/40): Last Day of Regular School


Labs due:

Assignments due: 

Final Examination:

 Skeletal and Muscular System Video

KIN Days

Friday Dec. 12, 2014

Park behind Optometry School and go to Matthews Building

(See Map below)

Muscular System 

Muscle Powerpoint Pre-Test 2010.pptx Muscle Powerpoint Pre-Test 2010.pptx
Size : 1385.87 Kb
Type : pptx

 Concussion Unit

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Skeletal System 

Skeletal System Bellringer Quiz

Click Above



 Circulatory System

Powerpoint Introduction

Click Here

 Heart Anatomy


Online Dissection



 Rockport Walking Test

(VO2 max Test)

Click Above


Cardio Jeopardy


Click Below 

Cardiac Jeopardy.ppt Cardiac Jeopardy.ppt
Size : 3592 Kb
Type : ppt

 The Next Great Sports Drink Competition

Gatorade Website

ISU Video Converter

Prezi Presentation Tutorial

Lance Armstrong PED Assignment 

 CHILL Magazine

Concussions Discussion

Click Below to Access each Chapter

Click Here

 Thinkfirst Website

Click here

Nutrition Unit

Internet Nutrition


Click Above Icon 

Concussions Unit

Powerpoint Activity 

The 7 Rules

to Building


(Go to your PSE4UI desktop icon)

Activity Sheet

 Winter Olympics

Biomechanics Analysis

(click below)

 Tabita Workout

Click Below for Messier Project Video 

 Fitness Blender

Pick a Workout

Click Below

 Think First Concussions Video

(Monday November 24, 2014)

Click Here

The Blindside Video Assignment

(Click to see trailer)

 Revisting Pumping Iron Documentary

(Click Below)

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