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 Grade 11 Units

  1- Fitness Testing

   2- Indoor Games

   3- Health A- Weight Training

   4- Indoor Games II

   5- Volleyball/Basketball

   6- Health B

   7- Outdoor Games I

   8- Outdoor Games II

   9- Final Fitness Summative

   10- Outdoor Games III

Health A- Weight Training and Wellness


               (i) Anatomy Colouring                          (/10)

               (ii) Fitness Profile                                (/10)

               (iii) Insanity Testings                           (/10)                         

               (iv) Interval Training Session                (/10)

               (v) 7 Rules to Building Muscle Research  (/20)

               (vii) Weight Program                            (/10)

               (vi) Unit Test                                        (/30)

                                             Total = 100



Fitness and Wellness Jeopardy

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 Health B- Mental Health and Wellness


(i) Internet Research (/20)

(ii) Mental Disorder Poster (/20)

(iii) Cuckoo's Nest Video (/20)

(iv) Stress and Wellness Questionaire (/10)

(v) Unit Test (/20)

(vi) Participation (/10)

Total = 100


Mental Health Disorders Research

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Mental Health Jeopardy

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