Welcome to PAF 4OI

Crossfit and Training Principles


Healthy Living: 20% (Health assignments, test)

Active Living: 30% (Fitness tests, weight programs, etc.)

Participation: 30% (3-2-1 daily participation points)

Summative: 10% (Energy In/ Energy Out Summative Assignment)

Communication: 10% (Biweekly fitness logs)

PAF 4OI Marks

Updated: Sunday April 19, 2015

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 Health Assignments (20%)

1. Planes, Axes and Orientations Colouring Activity (/20)

2. Basic Body Movements Colouring Sheet (/20)

3. Muscle and Bone Colouring Activity (/20)

4. Muscle Groups Drawing Activity (/10)

5. Cardiovascular Colouring Activity (/20)

6. Insanity Fitness Test and Initial Charting Sheet (/20)

7. 7 Rules to Building Muscle Internet Activity (/20)

8. Basic Nutrition and Energy for Athletes Internet Activity (/20)

9. Individual Calorie Counter Nutritional Assignment (/20)

10. Fundamentals of Fitness Test (/50)


Summative Assignment (10%)

Energy In vs Energy Out

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 Insanity Fitness Testing

Early, mid and late semester

 Session 1- P90 X Series

Week       Monday                    Tuesday                    Wednesday                    Thursday                    Friday

       1         Family Day                Interval X                Weight Program                Cardio X                   Snow Day

       2     Weights Program         Max Intervals            Weight Program             Plyometrics X     Weight Program

 P90X Interval Training Trailer

 Session 2- Insanity Series 

Week       Monday                    Tuesday                    Wednesday                    Thursday                    Friday

       3    Weight Program     Insanity Power and Resistance       Weight Program      Insanity Plyometric Circuit         Weights

       4    Weights Program  Insanity Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs  Weight Program        Max Interval Circuit      Weight Program

 Insanity Training Trailer


Session 3- Spartacus/Tabata Series

Week              Monday                     Tuesday                  Wednesday                  Thursday                 Friday

       5               Weight Program                  Spartacus                 Weight Program                   Tabata                     Weights

       6               Weights Program                Spartacus                  Weight Program                  Tabata                      Weights


 Session 4- Circuit Series 

Week             Monday                   Tuesday                   Wednesday                   Thursday                  Friday

       7            Weight Program                Circuit City                Fitness Testing 2                 Circuit City                   Weights

       8            Weights Program               Circuit City                 Weight Program                  Circuit City                   Weights

 Muscle Group Anatomy

 Basic Bone Anatomy

PAF 4OI- Basic  Introduction Jeopardy

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 Fitness Blender Interval Training

 T25 Fitness Focus

 Insanity: The Asylum Interval Training


 7 Rules to Building Muscle

Internet Research Activity

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

 Nutrition Internet 


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